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[TEE] Probe
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Hey there.

I'm Probe.

I play a funny brick game for a living.

---What I do (or did)---

• Made [REDACTED]'s temporary Discord pfp (5/12/21 - 8/12/21)

• Made [REDACTED]'s blog pfp

• I draw Brick Hill stuff for fun

• I created/concepted the following items:

- Icicle Grin

- Battle Scar

- Seeing Tags

- Sly Cat

- Vandalized Smile

- Seeing Eggs

- Father Time

- Artistic Head (CONCEPT)

- Acorn Beret (CONCEPT)

- Prank Bone (CONCEPT)

- Icicle Through Head (CONCEPT)

- Summer Combo (CONCEPT)

---Achievements (and other stuff)---

• Got #1 Gingerbread Mask and Santa's Twitch Hat

• Won the Halloween Art Contest

• Participated in the 2021 Pumpkin Carving Contest

• Participated in the Present Design Contest and lost by 1-2 votes

• I got nothing else.


Previously known as: OGMNUB, Probe, eborP
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