What's on my mind:
Arm is the best!
[lego] Lip
Hello im Lip.

OG buyer of Golden Headphones(#28)
OG buyer of Party Crown Stack(#32)
Mostly i forum and add people.
I also donate sometimes.
Have seen Jefemy offline.
Have seen Brick Hill online.
Im on the top 50 of forumers!
Items ive been trusted with:
Sad face 11/24/2019
Radioactive Bat Helm 11/24/2019
Black Party Crown 11/27/2019
Gingerbread head 12/8/2019
Santa's Beard 12/16/2019
Sir Brickalot's Sword 12/21/2019
Smooth Criminal 2/5/2020
I had #69 pimpin fedora till i sold it to Outro
I had #55 recycled bat helm till i traded it to twofatcats
I had #32 Golden Top Hat till i traded it to boricua
I add everyone i see online.
Feel free to send me a friend request,i accept all!
You can find me on roblox as interactuals and skewtar!
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