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[SEARS] Sears
Hello, this is Sears, Roebuck, and Co. Or you can just call us Sears!

As you can see, I have a lot of friends! The reason behind this is because well..we like having friends!

Founded in 1886 as R.W Sears Watch Company by Richard W. Sears, Sears has expanded, we have gone from a catalog to a full physical brick and mortar store! We also have a website that you can shop at, just look up!

We merged with the store, Kmart in 2004. 13 years later we filed for bankruptcy. We got out of bankruptcy and continue our misery by closing stores for money. Covid-19 is also killing us!

If you could drive some 50 miles just to see a Sears open, you would be the best person I have ever saw.

A timeline of Sears
1886 - R.W Sears Watch Company is founded.
1893 - The company is renamed to Sears, Roebuck, and Co.
1913 - Kenmore is introduced
1925 - First store opens in Chicago.
1927 - Craftsman is introduced
1931 - Allstate (yes we made Allstate) is introduced.
1934 - The first Christmas Wish Book is released.
1947 - Sears expands to Mexico
1953 - Sears expands to Canada
1967 - DieHard is introduced
1973 - Finished building the Sears Tower, which would become our new headquarters.
1985 - We invented the Discover card!
1986 - 100th anniversary!
1993 - Ending production of all catalogs (including wish books) The Softer Side of Sears campaign is also introduced this year. We also move to our new headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.
1997 - Sears opens the first Great Outdoors store in Denver, Colorado.
1999 - Sears' slogan becomes "The Good Life at a Great Price" and ditches The Many Sides of Sears.
2003 - The first Sears Grand opens in West Jordan, Utah.
2005 - Merger of Sears and Kmart.
2007 - Sold Sears Mexico
2010 - We stop being profitable (oh no)
2012 - The Great Indoors stores close.
2014 - Selling Lands End
2015 - Sold stakes in Sears Canada.
2017 - Selling Craftsman to Stanley, Black, and Decker.
2018 - Sears files for chapter 11 bankruptcy
2019 - Sears gets out of bankruptcy and introduces a new logo along with a new slogan "Making Moments Matter"
2020 - Closed more stores
2021 - Coming Soon™

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