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We are the Namesnipe Community.

🔎 Information:
If you somewhat feel you had been ranked incorrectly, Message a Ranker to get ranked accordingly.

🏆 Sniper of the Month:
Users with the most collected Snipes within 30 days will be crowned Royalty of Snipes.

⭐ Ranks:
Extraordinary Snipes are for Usernames that aren't particularly seen around Brick Hill.

Waiting for Approval is for Usernames that are breaking Brick Hill rules, You will be reported to Brick Hill Staff if you have this Rank.

Do you own over seven Snipes? Message a Ranker with a list of Name Snipes that are inside the clan and get Ranked up to join and compete with other experienced members.

P.S: Some Ranks will change once the new clan system arrives!
Feature coming soon