Owned by Eileen
3,271 Members
Welcome to Namesnipe, we help you know how rare your name is on Brick Hill.

We have a large variety of ranks and special ranks for dedicated snipers!

If you feel like you have been ranked inaccurately, rejoin the clan.

>> You will be ranked within 72 hours. <<

Namesniping Information:

The "Name Sniper" rank is earned from collecting a certain amount of Namesnipe Usernames.

The Sniper of the Month award will be chosen randomly from snipers with the most namesnipes collected within 30 days you will also be rewarded with 100 Bucks as a complimentary gift for supporting Namesnipe.

On September 1st a new Sniper of the Month will be chosen.

How do I claim my rank?
> Contact a Ranker or Googie with a list of your Namesnipes that are inside the clan and a response will arrive within 3 days.

I would like to thank all the rankers for making the clan what is it today,
we wouldn't be one of the fastest growing clans without you all!
Feature coming soon