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We are the Namesnipe Community. — EST. 2018
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⏰ You will get ranked up within 3 days. ツ

𝗠𝗜𝗦𝗦𝗜𝗢𝗡: Figure out this Celebrity's name, 'Ja*e Nor*an' and combine it with one of these words, 'Rock', 'Moon', & 'Diamond' we're looking for creativity! ▪︎ You can mix up the words.

◈ If you're having problems getting ranked, or you think you got Ranked inaccurately, do not hesitate to contact a Rank Manager with your issue. — Rejoin the clan to be ranked accordingly.

✎ Rank Guide & Information:
Your ranks are decided by the Rank Management Team, they will and will always have the last say no matter if you think they're wrong or not.

If you have or own over 3 usernames on your account(s), contact a Ranker that you wish to get ranked up to 'Newbie Sniper' or others. — Here, we call them 'Snipes'.

If you feel like you deserve 'Extraordinary Snipe' or others, contact me, particularly usernames granted to you by Brick Hill Staff, or you appear to have a glitched username.

What is 'Username of the Month' and how do I get it? The Rank Managers choose the most creative, comedic, and or unique usernames every week, if you think you match one of these categories, contact a Ranker to be submitted for the next vote! (In future, the public will also have the opportunity to vote.)

What is 'Sniper of the Month' and how do I get it? Accumulate the most collected snipes within 30 days, submit your snipes to the Supervisor Team and then they will tally up the snipes at the end of the month and choose the next Sniper of the Month.

🚨 Heads Up for Rankers; the "Awaiting Approval" rank is for inappropriate usernames, they do not belong in the "Bypassed Snipe" rank. — Report the accounts ASAP after being placed in the "Awaiting Approval" section. If the the account's username still hasn't been removed within 7 days, then you may place them in the "Bypassed Snipe" rank. 🚨
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