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Namesnipe. 6,212 Members
Clan revamp in progress.

Rare Usernames 5,914 Members
Welcome To Rare Usernames The owner is Builder, the co-owner is Nosy.
You will be ranked within 24 hours, if not then please contact Builder or Nosy

VIP and EPIC NoSkin can take longer time before you get ranked.

VIP T-Shirt:

NoSkin T-Shirt:

This group was found in 2018/6/24 by kiddo aka Builder

Namesnipe 3,270 Members
Welcome to Namesnipe, we help you know how rare your name is on Brick Hill.

We have a large variety of ranks and special ranks for dedicated snipers!

If you feel like you have been ranked inaccurately, rejoin the clan.

>> You will be ranked within 72 hours. <<

Namesniping Information:

The "Name Sniper" rank is earned from collecting a certain amount of Namesnipe Usernames.

The Sniper of the Month award will be chosen randomly from snipers with the most namesnipes collected within 30 days you will also be rewarded with 100 Bucks as a complimentary gift for supporting Namesnipe.

On September 1st a new Sniper of the Month will be chosen.

How do I claim my rank?
> Contact a Ranker or Googie with a list of your Namesnipes that are inside the clan and a response will arrive within 3 days.

I would like to thank all the rankers for making the clan what is it today,
we wouldn't be one of the fastest growing clans without you all!

Roblox 1,981 Members
The unofficial fan clan for Roblox on Brick Hill.

On this clan, you can discuss things about Roblox on Brick Hill here, and some other things in the future. Or just show that you play Roblox, lol.

(I can't believe people still are buying ranks, I basically quit, so I don't read my messages Stop buying ranks for this clan.)

Poor People of Brick Hill 1,506 Members
We are the poor people of the Brick Hill community.

This clan is not meant to let anyone down or make them feel bad, it is just parody of the rich people of BH clan.
Current Owner Cashkid08
Current Head Mod Projectbaby
You will be ranked within 48 hours, if not then please contact the clan owner

Just To Clarify You will get the ranks upon ur specials! here is how to get the ranks! btw u will have to rejoin a message me and i will rank you soon also u cannot get special ranks!
Dirt Poor 0-1 Specials 100-1000 value
Poor 1-3 Specials 1000-2500 value
Kinda Poor 3-6 Specials 2500-7500
Not poor 7-??? 7500-150K
Top Five Richest < u got that one ;)
Special ranks are not added bc you will have to be a special player NO OFFENCE!

The New Discord Is Finally Here!
Discord: https://discord.gg/U9BP2jd

the rich people of BH 1,062 Members
Welcome to the Rich People of Brick Hill! We do giveaways every 50 or so members, so stick around!
Buy donations to get "Donator" role!
*There are several "Donator" roles*
S https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=8551
M https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=3319
L https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=3320
XL https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=8552
XXL https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=3321

When you dm about the donator role plz tell me your rank also.

Brick Hat Hackers 772 Members
We will hack you'

Brick Hill Staff 750 Members
The official staff of Brick Hill.

Not a British Home Store.

Brick Hill Trade 749 Members

This group is not actively managed.
Value-related ranks and an item notifier are available in the Discord server.

Brick Masters 691 Members
Are you a building guru? Join now!

Space Rangers 512 Members
Explore creations never seen before, go to depths only seen by you! Go beyond your world and imagination, join the Space Rangers today!

Old Players! 508 Members
We are a group of people who have been playing Brick-Hill for a long time. We rank you from how old is your account by your join date.

This group is created in October 2018

Ranking System
Members = 2022+
Vintage = 2021-2022
Antique = 2019-2020
Ancient = 2018
Relic = <2018
Known Players = Players that I find very familiar or that I know
<100 ID = Players who has a ID below 100

500 Members - 8/20/2019

If there are any mistakes, please PM!

Name Snipes Awakening. 365 Members
Normal names=is something like coolboy1 or brickhill123 or starwarskid2008

3 letter names=something like hey,bye,123,b8T

4 letter names= are hey1,stop,f5d1,s0ck

Incredible names= are like "sams" stops" "commons"

Legendary names= are like "sam" "stop" "common"

Name sniper= snipe 2 cool users to get the rank name sniper

Staff=people i rank if there close to me or good people

Co-owner is rect902

Owner is Dsc.

Official, Merch



BH Foruming Community 339 Members
Brick Hill Foruming Community! Have fun being ranked on sociality.

Ranking guide:

0 - 50 posts (Beginner forumer)
50 - 100 posts (Forumer)
500 - 1000 posts (Active forumer)
1000 - 2000 posts (Awesome forumer)
2000 - 5000 posts (Amazing forumer)
5000 - 10000 posts (Legendary forumer)
(PM me when you have reached one of these milestones)

Welcome we are the first and official brick hill myth group founded on 6/12/18
send in any info on a myth! we will look into it and find the origin of it. provide as much info as possible by messaging me
WIKIA: https://brickhill-myths.fandom.com/wiki/Brick-hill_Myths_Wiki

First-ever myth: AkaManah


Royal Assembly of Ages 318 Members
Welcome to the Royal Assembly of Ages, an organisation dedicated to the accurate archiving and documentation of users who wish to be ranked according to the age of their accounts (or rather the date of their registry on Brick Hill).

Previously owned by Rainbow, however the clan is now managed by spacebuilder.

If you are awaiting a rank, please be patient whilst you are sorted.
The rank given to you will imply the date you joined. Once given it cannot be altered.

Founded 19th October, 2017

ratatooie 282 Members
If you're a fan of me or my YouTube channel (ratatooie) then this is the group for you!
If you dont already know about my YouTube channel here is a link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCj9IWrgrs0Wda-mEzkGF6zw

How to get subscriber rank: subscribe to my YouTube channel and PM me with proof that you subscribed

the discord is back: https://discord.gg/tDqUnc6

C00L KIDDS 272 Members
tis group is only for da c00l kidds

(69th id bb)

bok 251 Members

Cats 226 Members
meow meow meow we like kittys

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