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Namesnipe is a group of people who collect or value usernames on Brick-Hill. All discussion of name...
Members: 1704
Brick Hat Hackers
We will hack you'
Members: 401
Brick Masters
Are you a building guru? Join now!
Members: 258
Royal Assembly of Ages
Welcome to the Royal Assembly of Ages, an organisation dedicated to the accurate archiving and docum...
Members: 245
WELCOME to Trade, let's make a deal. If you're looking to buy, sell or trade your items, here is ...
Members: 197
the rich people of BH
Welcome to the Rich People of Brick Hill! We do giveaways every 5 or so members, so stick around! ...
Members: 183
The unofficial fan clan for Roblox on Brick Hill. On this clan, you can discuss things about Robl...
Members: 166
BH Foruming Community
Brick Hill Foruming Community! Have fun being ranked on sociality. Ranking system: Not Known Forume...
Members: 160
Space Rangers
Explore creations never seen before, go to depths only seen by you! Go beyond your world and imagina...
Members: 152
Team Bill
Welcome to Team Bill! We are a strong army led by the toughest character on the Brick Hill, Bill! We...
Members: 141
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