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Rare Usernames 16,217 Members
Welcome to Rare Usernames!

✅ MODERATOR APPLICATION FORM : https://bit.ly/3ghxKF3

The #1 clan on brick hilll

Buy VIP: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/19011 (Please equip the t-shirt so I can see whenever I’m ranking you)

Join if you have a special and rare username or you want us to judge your username. You will be ranked based accordingly on how good your brick hill username is.

You will be ranked within 24 hours, if not message a ranker.

The clan was founded by buiIder on 2018/6/24

Namesnipe. 11,350 Members
Welcome to NAMESNIPE, the #1 Namesnipe Clan on Brick Hill.

Want to know how good your username is? Join this clan and get ranked within 24 years!

Not a Namesnipe - Your username is probably very generic, e.g. "minecraftboy2011"

Plurals/Tense/Inflex - Your username is obscure, for example "Undefeated"
Rare Words - Your username is a word, but it is rarely used, like "Discombobulate"
Uncommon Words - Your username is a word that isn't used often, e.g. "Responsible"

Words - Your username is a regular, everyday word, such as "Vanilla"
Common Words - Your username is a word that everybody uses, like "Apple"
Cool Words - Your username is a word we really liked, e.g. "King"

Deleted Users - Your username has been deleted since joining the clan, e.g. [Deleted 1233]
Names - Your username is an actual name, such as "Jason".
3 Character Username - Your username consists of any three characters, like "Key"
Think you've been incorrectly ranked? Contact any user in the NAME SORTER rank to have your rank evaluated and potentially changed.

No longer looking for Name Sorters.
Thank you to everyone who contacted me. I have chosen two new name sorters.

Namesnipe 6,472 Members
🏆 Mre | 300 Snipes
🥈 EliteRex | 266 Snipes
🥉 None | 0 Snipes

?: This is our Sniper Leaderboard; If you own a larger amount of snipes on the leaderboard message a Ranker with verification, they must be in the clan!


📰 Namesnipe Guide:

✅ | Applications:

🔔 Brick Hill Item Notifier


🔎 Information:
If you somewhat feel you had been ranked incorrectly, message a Ranker to get ranked accordingly.

?: Do you own over seven Snipes? Message a ranker with a list of name snipes that are inside the clan and get ranked up to join and compete with other experienced members.

📢 Do not message me about ranks, if you have an issue please message a Ranker.

Roblox 4,253 Members
Unofficial clan for the massively multiplayer online game, Roblox.

Poor People of Brick Hill 3,819 Members
Join: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5502101/BH-Users-Unite#!/about for a cookie
We are the poor people of the Brick Hill community.
This clan is not meant to let anyone down or make them feel bad, it is just parody of the rich people of BH clan.
You will be ranked
Contact https://www.brick-hill.com/user/227474/ for any concerns or to see if your qualified for a custom role
These are the rank requirements
Dirt Poor 0-1 Specials 100-1000 value
Poor 2-3 Specials 1000-2500 value
Kinda Poor 4-7 Specials 2500-7500
Not poor 8-??? 7500-150K
Top Five Richest < u got that one ;)
Warning please watch out these toxic people: exiled idiots below
Thread aka forum post:
Allie information: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/364822
Enemy information: https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread/364832/1?#post1811858

the rich people of BH 1,885 Members
Welcome to the Rich People of Brick Hill! We do giveaways every 50 or so members, so stick around!
Buy donations to get "Donator" role!
*There are several "Donator" roles*
S https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=8551
M https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=3319
L https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=3320
XL https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=8552
XXL https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/item?id=3321

When you dm about the donator role plz tell me your rank also.

Brick Hill Staff 1,680 Members
The official staff of Brick Hill.

Not a British Home Store.

Brick Hill Trade 1,333 Members
Welcome to the official clan of Brick Hill Trade, the top trading clan on Brick Hill.

Join the clan, and get ranked based on value, within 24 hours.
10,000 Value - Beginner
25,000 Value - Skilled
50,000 Value - Expert
100,000 Value - Elite
250,000 Value - Super Rich
500,000 Value - Ultra Rich
1,000,000 Value - Millionaire
5,000,000 Value - Multimillionaire
Our site provides the Values, Demand, Trends, and Shorthands of each special item, as well as user pages: https://brick-hill.trade/

You can also join our Discord server to be first notified for new items, and value changes: https://discord.gg/nv3UWWC

Old Players! 1,271 Members
We are a group of people who have been playing Brick-Hill for a long time. We rank you from how old is your account by your join date.

This group is created in October 2018

NEW Discord Server: https://discord.gg/dQuTyyn
Ranking System
Members = 2022+
Vintage = 2021-2022
Antique = 2019-2020
Ancient = 2018
Relic = <2018
Known Players = Players that we find very familiar or that I know
<100 ID = Players who has an ID below 100
Clan Helpers = People who have helped the server by donating

Donate Shirt: https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/94945/

If there are any mistakes, please PM!

Brick Masters 1,000 Members
Are you a building guru? Join now!

Featured Shout-

Join the new and improved OBHM discord server! First 5 i think people to join get beta rank so join 😉

And there are unique emotes for people who boost.

https://discord.gg/x9pEbZE https://discord.gg/x9pEbZE

New Myth Donator Merch! https://www.brick-hill.com/shop/148149

If you are declined as a myth, you will be messaged with a reason why you were declined so you dont feel as if you were being
declined for no reason, if you are declined and do not get a message about why, then please message me and i will fix it

Hey guys! Big little update to the group, so theres going to be a wall reset on the 1st of every month (excluding this month) so today (4/14/20) GMT, will mark the first wall reset, thank you and continue to do what you do! -Waterly

Added new group of myths (The Alimoa Family) -Waterly

800 members! Weve gained an entire 100 individual users in the short time of 2-3 weeks which is absolutely insane. Ever since i became the head honcho here weve gained immensely in such a short amount of time! I have only been in the head of OBHM for a couple of months now and weve already seen some of the best increase in player count on the group which is mind boggling to even think about! At 1000 members i will be publishing a myth based game. I can not disclose what the game will be about until youll see for yourselves! Have a great day

New Icon for the group and t-shirt soon😃 -Waterly

I made a choice to get rid of both the Grocery gang myths and the Alimoa myths. Sorry 😥-Waterly

New Myth Sorter position (1)
Dm Waterly through BH or discord (Waterly#3637)-Waterly

Hey everybody this is a little bit different from what we usually do but i decided to shoutout a good friend of mines myth clan, BMH here is the link go check them out😉 https://www.brick-hill.com/clan/3233

Waterly- Yay 1st wall reset

Waterly- PM my account with a link to the image of your Easter Logo Entry, and i will add you to the list of participants! Let the Drawing, Painting and Photoshopping begin!

uglymonkey- i love the easter picture

Waterly- You can thank Mariana-oh-spain for that work of art.

Mayro - Taking A Break, From Investigating, (aka removing gruesome twins from ''currently investigating)

CnserbarYT - great group, nice new logo.

https://discord.gg/x9pEbZE -uglymonkey
(Example)"Bot- I'm a bot"

Formed on (10/8/19) by Waterly

I know only HR's can use this but we will hopefully get a sort of wall for groups In future BH updates! -Waterly

Check the person you are ranking for the donator shirt
Easter Logo Event Winner- Mariana-oh-spain
First-ever donator: Mr.Sad

First-ever Staff Favorite: Whippersnapper

First-ever myth: AkaManah

currently investigating:

Myth list:
Prince Daisy
GoZ Myth
The Alimoa's
Grocery Gang
RUST 010
The DOOMs.
If you are a youtuber, Message Waterly with your channel link -893


all myth sorters must message the myth before it becomes a myth, if the myth answers and starts to chat with you you should have enough info to decide.

To have a youtube rank you must prove its you by making a video on your account to prove its you. This prevents any fakes trying to be somthing they are not.

welcome to the group! -R_ry

👑This is the top brick hill myth group👑 -y_9

Wide Putin <3 Anime Shrek <3

Prevent™ 970 Members
This could've all been Prevented™️

Ally of many, enemy of little.

This clan will likely see some use in the future when clans are revamped.

Brick Hat Hackers 961 Members
We will hack you'

Brick Hill Official 859 Members
Brick Hill’s Official Clan

Discord: https://discord.gg/SQaDUpW
Join Our Clan To Become A Proud Brick Hill Player!!!
We Also Have Several Ranks For People Like You!!!
---=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-| Ranks |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=---
3 letter names=something like hey,bye,123,b8T
4 letter names= are hey1,stop,f5d1,s0ck
L33tspeak= replacing a letter like L with a capital “i” or an “E” with the number 3
Actual words= any word that you can look up in the dictionary and has to be an actual word
Epic names= are like "sams" stops" "commons"
Impossible names= are like "sam" "stop" "common
Name Sniper= snipe 10 usernames that fit into the clan ranks
Co-owners are Aze and Mip
Owner is Anybody

Space Rangers 800 Members
Explore creations never seen before, go to depths only seen by you! Go beyond your world and imagination, join the Space Rangers today!

Name Snipes Awakening. 796 Members
Our discord https://discord.gg/SyDshn
Normal names=is something like coolboy1 or brickhill123 or starwarskid2008

3 letter names=something like hey,bye,123,b8T

4 letter names= are hey1,stop,f5d1,s0ck

Incredible names= are like "sams" stops" "commons"

Legendary names= are like "sam" "stop" "common"

Name sniper= snipe 2 cool users to get the rank name sniper

Staff=people i rank if there close to me or good people

Co-owner is rect902

Owner is Dsc.

Official, Merch



alts 707 Members
my alts road to 1000


Bruh_Moment 696 Members
What's this clan about?:
A funny cool dank meme clan where you level up on ranks and can get your own rank, we also do money and free clan giveaways for those who need them!

This clan was inspired by cool kids :>

We are the 17th biggest clan on brick-hill!
We are Ally of many, enemy of few...

How do i level up?:
You level up on ranks every 5 days
If you are a Donator, Popular or Special you will be ranked "Donator/Popular/Special bois"

Other ways to level up:
Inviting 10 people ( +1 rank )
Inviting 20 people ( +2 ranks )
Inviting 30 people ( +3 ranks )
People who i think are really cool or nice to me will be ranked +1 rank

Want to have the donator rank? then buy this t-shirt:
When you buy this message me so i can know and rank you

Want to have your own rank? then buy this t-shirt:
( you can choose the name you want for it and change it when you want )
When you buy this message me so i can know and rank you

Guys lets beat that retarded clan called "alts"

Rest In Peace imAplayer.... 2019-2020
We will always miss you, you were such a good person... ;<

are you a cool kid? then join cool kids!:

Want to advertise your clan on my clan's description? then buy this t-shirt!:
Message me when you buy it so i can know and advertise it! :D

The story of how the description went back and totally changed:

So yasin removed my desc just because it had the word ku klux on it and i did'nt even know what it mean and now he is the worst freaking mod ever he shouldnt even be a mod, then i fucked all up by changing the desc to something else and yasin could'nt put it back, but then a user called Wilchz friended me and then when i saw his profile i saw a pepe, and that inspired me on making the description again but better, and ended up with this description :>

Brick Hill Namesnipes 657 Members
Hello,Wanna see if your name is good.Join now!
Message me if you wanna get ranked properly
This will be an active namesnipe clan
You will be ranked less than 58 hours
Please do not message me for Name Sorters.I will hire people if needed.
If there is any problem,Message me.

20XXer 610 Members
We've been playing Brick Hill for a long time, have you? Join this clan to be ranked based on when you joined Brick Hill!

Founded 19th October, 2017
Your rank will depend on the year you joined Brick Hill. For example, if you joined in 2018, you will be put into "2018ers".

If you are a Beta User then you will be put into "Beta Users".
Previously owned by Rainbow, now managed by spacebuilder.

You will be ranked within one week!


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