ANTI 2021ERS[NO21]
Owned by saggy pants
132 Members
(Please note this clan is entirely satire, and if a member takes it seriously then that's on them.)

A clan for hating 2021ers. also if you want to be in the description message me, but it has to relate to the clan

news: by stupiddubstep29


korn shrine was here

Chief Lord of 2020ers and 2021ers: The oppressor of all filthy 2021ers and any supporters of them

Owner Log Below

First Owner: saggy pants left at Tuesday, February 16, 2021 12:45 AM
Second Owner: 4gn after he asked for it
Third Owner: saggy pants again

¨I eat 2021ers.¨- brick-alp

¨2021ers? more like fuck off dumbasses¨- p-0

¨2021ers ............... eswwwwewecvev fwbgrbetebsrg¨- Stickmasterluke.developer

¨FUCK!!!!!!!!!!1¨- kodakblack

¨Ewwwwwwwwww 2021ers¨- Stickmasterluke.developer (again)

¨FUCK 2021ERS 2020ERS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!¨- 12j

¨Reportings sucks¨- Anonymous

¨2021ers are pee¨- T O P

"2021ers... poop...." - SorrenMax91
(if you get the rank "little flies" that means I think you're a cool person. so if you get it consider yourself lucky.) - 4gn

"2021ers bad, 2020ers good" - Por- *chough* i mean Korn Shrine

"2021 more like get off of brick hill" - Tec-9

"2021 sussy year :flushed: (er)" - PDEL

" fuck you 2021ers 🖕🖕🖕🖕" - abdullah

"20201ers more like loser lame ass wanna be 2020ers" - 2M9

"2021ers? more like BAD1ERS XDD" - 12j


"2021ers bad" - h4u
(4gn account lost, trying to get back)

"fuck you 21ers, you eat the nutz" - Periods
(update: I GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK!!) -4gn

"2021ers < 2020ers" - andy samberg.

"It’s days like these where users like 2021ers should be burning in hell" - 2M9

"the world would be a better place without 2021ers" -havefunonmyacc

"Yea screw 2021ers they suck so much grrr!!... btw don't look at my join date" - among sus (not a 2021er)

"2021ers are the reason we haven't evolved faster as a society" - tz3
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