The Enigmatic Embarrassments[TEE]
Owned by radness
34 Members
The Enigmatic Embarrassments is a fairly new group created to solve various args and on-site Brick Hill puzzles.

Members Count: 11/12
Are we recruiting members?
If you want to join the group, contact the owner or the admin.
You'll be given an entrance exam.

Members List:
> radness
> Probe
> pop spoke
> Toxic Gunner
> The O Key
> ZStorm
> Rocketeer
> Amorbis
> scrappi
> Brickadus
> RoundHouse Kick (Formerly known as NotSalpimenta)

Fans: A role for anybody who has joined the clan.
The one, who knocks: The man himself.
Former Enigmatic Embarrassments: A role for the former members of TEE.
The Enigmatic Embarrassments: A role for official members of TEE.
Admin Embarrassment: A role for the admin of TEE.
Lead Embarrassment: A role for the owner of TEE.

Participation List:
> Easter ARG 2022
> Halloween ARG 2022

Completion List:
> Halloween ARG 2022
This clan has no allies
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