I have completed my brick hill game!

[RBLX] Nacksi
Joined 13/02/2020
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02:43 PM 14/02/2020
I have completed my brick hill game, however, why am I not able to publish it?

[ISLAM] MalaysianSulthan
Joined 15/09/2019
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02:44 PM 14/02/2020
Wait for a while

[BUILD] Aidaan
Joined 10/07/2019
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02:45 PM 14/02/2020
Only certain people can "Host" games atm

[GMBH] SmartLion
Joined 16/04/2017
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02:08 AM 15/02/2020
If you are unable to use node-hill to host servers then try submitting your file to Selector Project