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Waiting for Halloween.
[BUILD] Aidaan
Hello, I'm Aidaan. I love to build detailed creations and trade. Though my post count may say differently, I rarely, if ever, forum. I occasionally create clothing.

- Built the most detailed game on here
That’s about it, I’m kinda average.

I’m also a developer for Paradox, never have I involved myself with a group so lazy yet productive before. Its great!

RIP SirStephen
RIP Slimshady

Steam Profile - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199013510313/

My thanks goes out to:


Thank you, you four, for all the helpfulness and kindness you’ve given me.

Previously known as: Aidaan, LedZeppelin, Aidaan, MGM, Aidaan, Montgomery, Birthday of Aidaan, Aidaan, lego guy, Aidaan, duncaidan
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