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movie theater man is back...

Welcome to Cinemark Theatres!
We were founded at 7 PM 12/28/2018
Where it's cheaper and better than any other theater, talking to you, Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres.
Here we want you to have The Best Seat in Town, we hope you taste our food menu!
chance_the_great, KingOfMyOwn, phillswiftapganumericshown, Hippophobicc, FrigidFNAF, Brick hill fan12388, and Front Row Joe. are behind the Front Row Joe costumes! Our food is cooked by BLU746, Oldveka, Micheal, 6bit, Cards, [Deleted391788], brick-techno, JWN, RrOx, AlternateEntity, NO_SOUL and Tridimensional. Proudly managed by [Deleted72083], Zompire, p-0, gizmosuperman, Amari, TheDynaplanet, coolboyinthecity21, JimmyE128 No2, Ian Hawke, Ship Lover 69, O57, Alvin Superstar, polish., Fsm, Old President Obama, OO4H and Wzd! Chairman is Rhombus. Shinku, Suf, Phantasma, coolboyswagepic69, and Endrovert clean the theater while Kitsunefox, XXBURGERKINGXX, tz8, SomeRandomIdiot, and Icemademan fix the electronics and our CEO is in charge of a bunch of junk! Our CFO takes care of the money, and I, the founder is in charge of everything!
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