Off-Topic Empire[OT]
Owned by CraigsCraig
13 Members
Empire is declared: February 2, 2019
Empire is founded: February 11, 2019 (6:12 PM PST)
Emperor: CraigsCraig Emperor Co: Jeff Bezos
Religons: Muskism, Gronkisim
Capital: Reese's Pieces
Provinces: Gronk Kingdom, Musk Kingdom, Reese's Puffs Republic,
Currently occupied sub forums: Off Topic, Creativity, Media Discussion
Social Ideology: Muskism
Currency: Reese's Pieces

List of Holy Members:

Legend Saint of Off Topic CraigsCraig

His Majesty of Importance Jeff Bezos

Saint A7med of Off Topic

Her Majesty of Importance Pre

Saint of Blockbuster Cinemark

Saint IndianaJones of Indiana State

Bishop of No lifeness GalaxyCat

Saint of Top Poster List Forevertail

ChineseKnockoff of China

Andrew of 4'11"-ness
This clan has no enemies
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