Vest Studio [Studi]
Owned by [Deleted262903]
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(Group Announcement): Clan is now open to everyone!

Good bye friends! -Test6086

I want to say thank you for everyone joining this group, I love you guys. - Test6086

something is rising.. - unknower

"andrew snipes" the 300th member!!!

july 4th rank is now closed - amari


https://www.Brick-hill.Com/forum/thread/608388 veststudio forums (old)

https://www.Brick-hill.Com/forum/thread/998155/ veststudio forums (new)

I now retire as an Owner but I will still be part of the clan! Got any questions or stuff message me! ~ test6086
the new rank called "co-owners" was created by siralexander.

[HISTORY]: Founders is jddije the original owner, brickwatcher, and unknowner the founder.

december 27 2018 or 27/12/2018 07:06 pm the day that the group was ruined by the untrusted user mod.

july 4th 2020 we reached 300th members!!!

also they're known as co-founder... The 3 main...

note: something is coming, another update to the clan coming soon!!!
shop: shirts/pants:https://www.Brick-hill.Com/shop/35730/
https://www.Brick-hill.Com/shop/33265/ and more in the future!!!
(room for future stuff)

congrats on https://www.Brick-hill.Com/user/196629/ for being the 200th member
barack obama.
- eddie

(updating soon...)
Waiting to get ranked: Being queued for important stuff or others.
Members: Neutral Users
Trusted Members: Owner's trust is required
🎃SPOOKSTOBER 2019🎃: Users that joined in October 2019
🤓Artimise day🤓: Users that join in Veterans' Day
🎄XMAS 2019🎄: Users that joined in December 2019
🎄XMAS🎄: Users that joined in Christmas/December
🤺FRIDAY THE 13th🤺: Users that joined in 13th of Friday (Any year or month)
🎆NEW YEAR🎆: Users that joined in January 1
😃BIG MEMBERS😃: OGs but better than the previous role
📝HELPERS📝: Helping the group staffs
👮MODERATORS👮: Group Organizer(s), the ones that you can DM for problems
🎌OWNER🎌: SirAlexander
😮FAMOUS PLAYER😮: If you're a famous player in brick-hill you can stay in this rank
new rank coming soon...

[[[[[ mod wall ]]]]]
🎆new year🎆 this rank will be obtainable for every new year!
- siralexander

test6086: i highly recommend to message me before making ranks or some else

applying for mod is no longer available.

wall has been cleaned! - amari
Feature coming soon