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(Group announcement): Clan is now open to everyone!

2 year anniversary is coming!!!! 10/01/2020

This is AlexanderVonnSchutle speaking and who the hell said test was the new owner

Something is rising.. - UnKnower

"Andrew Snipes" the 300th member!!!

Thank you for joining yesterday we hope your july 4th was fun!

July 4th rank is now closed - Amari

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I now retire as a owner but I will still be part of the clan! Got any questions or stuff message me! ~ Test6086
The new rank called "Co-Owners" was created by SirAlexander.
🎆 HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, let us hope forget the bad things we done in the past.🎆
[History]: Founders is Jddije the original owner, BrickWatcher, and UnKnowner the founder.
December 27 2018 or 27/12/2018 07:06 PM the day that the group was ruined by the untrusted user mod.
July 4th 2020 we reached 300th members!!!

Also they're know as Co-Founder... the 3 main...

NOTE: Something is coming, another update to the clan coming soon!!!
Shop: shirts/pants: and more in the future!!!
(Room for future stuff)

Congrats on for being the 200th member
Barack Obama.
- Eddie

(Updating soon...)
Type of Ranks
Waiting to get rank: Basically like being in queued for important stuff or others.
Members: When u Recently Joined
Trusted Members: When Owner Trust You
Spookstober 2019: When u joined October in the year 2019
October/Spooktober: Is when you join around October ~ by BrickWatcher
Armistice Day: When u Joined in Veterans Day
Xmas 2019:Is when you join December around 2019
Xmas: When u around join christmas month aka december
Friday The 13th: When u join friday the 13th it could be any day and any month but friday 13th
New Year:
Marvelous users: Members that been really good and a long time in this group
Big Members: Really good members that have been in this group all year
Helpers: Managing the group and members
Mods: Organize the Group and Description
Owner: SirAlexander the boss
ok dude im your friend did this if wonder
😮Famous Player😮:If you a famous player in brickhill you can stay in this rank

[[[[[ Mod Wall ]]]]]
🎆New Year🎆 This rank will be obtainable for every new year!
- SirAlexander

Test6086: I highly recommend to message me before making ranks or some else

Applying for Mod is no longer available.

Wall has been cleaned! - Amari
Feature coming soon