What's on my mind:
If your shirts are truly good, you wouldn't bump them
[CNK] Cinemark
Hello, my name is Cinemark. My account is named after a movie theater. My discord is the.easy.rider and I accept all friend requests.

I'm known for the following things:
1. Having 100k posts on the forums
2. Making shirts

My original account was "Dynablocks123" and I made it when Brick Planet was shutting down. I left it and made a new Brick Hill account (this one). I have 98 accounts for whatever reason. My main alt is Sears.

Was #1 poster from September 2020 - December 2020
First person to ever reach 71k
have 2000+ friends on 3 accounts
won a rubber duck from a claw machine after 3 tries
i can kinda draw
i can write 4000 word essays
got a 3 day ban reversed by mettaton on 2/20/2022
i was unterminated on october 1st, 2023
i used to own several specials like pimpin' fedora and golden rose, but poor trading decisions made me give those two valuable specials away.
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