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⭐ Welcome to the only active namesnipe group!⭐


This clan is all about namesnipes, so join if you want to have your username ranked. I'll try and keep the pending section as empty as possible, so I can rate you as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions for namesnipe rankings, please let me know and I will consider them. If you have any issues with your rank, please message me and I will resolve it. I spent a lot of bucks on this, so join and bring your alts if you wish.

🕦Pending... = Wait till you get rated.
🙂Common = A common username that isn't a snipe.
🙂Uncommon = A clean username that isn't rare.
🌦️Miscellaneous = Usernames that don't fit into any category.
🆕Word = An official word.
💯Id Snipe = Snipe a rare user id.
👨‍💼Name = A first or last name.
🆗Common Word = Commonly used word.
📄Well Known Title = A title of a product or company.
👁‍🗨Popular Person/Character = A famous person's/character's name.
⌛Event/Time = A point in time where an event occurred.
🏞Official Place = A well known place's name. (Fictional places are allowed)
🎩Brick-Hill Hats = Name of a hat, face, head, or tool on Brick-Hill.
🚫Deleted = Have a deleted username. Yikes.
💤3 Character Username = Have 3 characters in username.
💤3 Letter Username = Have 3 characters in username, but it has to be all letters.
⌨Website = Have your username as a website url.
💬2+ Words = Have a phrase/sentence as a username.
👝File Extensions = Have a file extension username.
🌎Foreign Language = Phrases or words that are not English.
❓Owner = Yeah.
📦Group Holder = Holds the group.
Feature coming soon