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⭐ Welcome to the only active namesnipe group!⭐

👉 I know you're reading this. If you need an active namesniping clan, this is the one.

This clan is all about namesnipes, so join if you want to have your username ranked. I'll try and keep the pending section as empty as possible, so I can rate you as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions for namesnipe rankings, please let me know and I will consider them. If you have any issues with your rank, please message me and I will resolve it. I spent a lot of bucks on this, so join and bring your alts if you wish.

🕦Pending... = Wait till you get rated.
😐Common = A common username that isn't a snipe. (Such as bricknerd69 or 3_6_3_0)
🙂Uncommon = A clean username that isn't rare.
👨‍💼 Full Name = A full name.
🆕Word = An official word.
💯Id Snipe = Snipe a rare user id.
👨‍💼Name = A first name. (Last names and full names count too.)
🆗Common Word = Frequently used word.
📄Well Known Title = A title of a product or company. (Such as Microsoft or AirPods)
👁‍🗨Popular Person/Character = A famous person's/character's name.
⌛Event/Time = A point in time where an event occurred. (Such as a war or a year.)
🏞Official Place = A well known place's name. (Such as a country or sea.)
🎩Brick-Hill Hats = Name of a hat, face, head, or tool on Brick-Hill.
🚫Deleted = Have a deleted username. (Such as [Deleted 123])
💤3 Character Username = Have 3 characters in username.
💤3 Letter Username = Have 3 characters in username, but it has to be all letters.
⌨Website = Have your username as a website url. (Such as
💬2+ Words = Have a phrase as a username. (Such as Thats cool or WhereEvenAmI)
👝File Extensions = Have a file extension username (Such as .png, video.mp4, etc)
Feature coming soon