Name Snipers United[NSU]
Owned by MasterChief
515 Members
Made on 1/12/2022

Very active!!!! I <3 all members <3 <3

Welcome to Name Snipers United! A clan where we rank your username. We have an active ranking team unlike the big groups and I am always looking for more people. Message me to apply

Thanks to everyone whos joined over the course of this year and half or so it was fun annoying the fuck out of everyone on the forums with me spamming this group thanks to the amazing people who helped me rank im kinda surprised anyone but me cared enough to rank for this group thats all thanks for the laughs (This message doesn't matter anymore cause the site came back up)

Common Username
Uncommon username
Good username
Great Username
Funny Username
Rare Username
Legendary Username
Top 10 usernames

If you are not ranked in a day message me I will do it

If you have a 3 character name that is just random letter or numbers = Great username if is an name or word I will rank great or above

Unhappy with your rank? Message me and you can try to convince me why you should be higher(Or lower if your weird)
25 Members: Yes
50 Members: Yes
75 Members: Yes
100 Members: Yes
150 Members: Yes
200 Members: Yes
250 Members: Yes (Discord server is made)(Deleted*)
300 Members: Yes
350 Members: Yes
400 Members: Yes
450 Members: Yes
500 Members: Yes
750 Members: not yet
1000 Members: not yet
Feature coming soon