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What's on my mind:
Tell me the amount of bucks you are donating so I can make my final outfit
[๐‘๐„๐ˆ๐๐’] Reins.
Yo wsg im reins

I have been terminated 6 times (im currently trying my best to avoid getting banned now)

Here is my first account (RIP)

I usually like to make bh clothing in my free time

Im planning 2 actually get into live streaming

I like red

Im on my journey to get patchwork scarecrow

I have a weird obsession with reindeers

I usually try my best to be chill even tho I have alot of anger issues

I usually chill in the forums

My goal is to actually be one of the very 1st 2022 accounts to hit 10k

Im also very experienced at making bh hoodies

Here are some thread snipes:
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