The Furry Community[fur]
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No this is not satire
1. No Racism Transphobia Ableism Homophobia Sexism etc.
2. Be respectful to other members
3. Do not harass other members
4. Don't be an asshole for no reason
5. Finding any loopholes in the rules is also against the rules so don't try
6. Be nice to each other
7. No political talk
8. Keep this environment child friendly
9. Zoophiles aren't welcome (you are disgusting)
10. FOLLOW THE BRICKHILL TOS (most important rule)
11. Have fun
12. Report rule breaking members

Unranked- Message the Owner to be ranked
Bad Boys- Terminated or Deleted
Non Furry- You are not a furry, but we appreciate your support
Other- Species not listed
Canines/Wolves- You are a Canine/Wolf
Felines/Cats- You are a Feline/Cat
Bunnies/Rabbits- You are a Bunny/Rabbit
Foxes/Vulpes- You are a Fox/Vulpe
Dragons/Reptiles- You are a Dragon/Reptile
Avians/Sergals- You are an Avian/Sergal
Protogens- You are a Protogen
Shark/Fish- You are a Shark/Fish
Donators- You donated at least 100 bucks
Big Donators- You donated at least 1k bucks
MASSIVE Donators- You donated at least 10k bucks
Important Furs- You've contributed to brick-hill largely
Legendary users- You've had an item made about you (not being a custom)
Friends- We are Friends
Feature coming soon