What's on my mind:
just clogged some feeds, feeling good.
Interesting... Things are getting veeery interesting indeed.

Other alt of CrimsonVirus (user id 300042) I doubt I’ll get it back. Mods please give me reset emails ok thank you.

Has severe impostor syndrome


nevermind the orphans begging for food in my basement

I have 4 cds in my cabinet

im a terrible person in real life

brickhill -sonic3andnitrounite alt
blurb moment -BeheUltra
CrimsonError is a poo head -LegoStud
The engineer is gay -Franch

"big chungus"

- Cleveland Brown - Bologna
Sonic3andnitrounite is a degenerate lukeposter -Jr_s 3rd alt


Twitter: @cr1ms0nwastaken
Discord: TalentlessUser#0593
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