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i paid $700 for my english prof to not show up to class
[PD] Illusionism
Hey, I'm pretty inactive, due to boredom and university, though I still build for events and stuff. Catch me online if you can!

I built/helped build:
- Paradox's City Builder
- January 2022's Winter Wonderland
- The 2022 Egg Hunt (plus the cancelled 2020 egg hunt)
- 2021 Set Scavenger
- A bunch of other old games I don't host anymore

If you've got anything to say, message me! I probably won't end up reading it, but it's worth a shot, right?

I "lead" the Paradox development group. We don't really do much, but one of these days, I tell you...

Also, check out my YouTube channel if you like timelapses! And also Pump It Up charts:


sythr :D
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