Mug Gang[MUG]
Owned by Illusionism
125 Members
There is only one true god and it is Mug.

Mug Gang is a group of refined young chaps dedicated to the one and only Mug™. Spawned from the depths of HillVille, we spread the good word of Mug far and wide.

You can wear mug-themed things like the logo, if you want!

To be a mug priest, you must have a mug equipped on your avatar. Official mug gang merch works as well. Buy one here:

To be a mug saint, you must please the Muglord or have a mug-themed profile description, along with a mug equipped.

Mug apostles are rankers. Message me if you think you're up for it.

Mug Discord:
Mug the Video Game:
Feature coming soon