What's on my mind:
why havent i respawned yet
[BBC] Tylorfoot
I'm Tylorfoot, an aspiring game developer.

List of accomplishments:
Hit 10k total place visits on 2018-09-21
Was given a bean that is supposedly young on 2018-10-09
Got 4th place in the Halloween Building contest of 2018
Got a set to 10k place visits on 2019-01-12
Was awarded the "Saint Brick" award on 2019-1-29
Helped with scripting in the Egg Hunt 2019 event
Hit 20k total place visits on 2019-05-15
Won captainHat.js in the node-hill event


Previously known as: Tylorfoot, CyliCO., Tylorfoot, TyIor, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, TyIor, Tylorfoot, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, The Resurgence
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