What's on my mind:
Today marks 6 years of me being on Brick Hill! Place your bets - how much will I procrastinate this year?
[TylFT] Tylorfoot
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I don't trade, and I am not currently seeking to sell my items right now.

Please be aware that I take a long time to update my games or release new ones, mostly due to my Procrastination™. In addition, I am not interested in working with other users on Brick Hill games, no matter the incentive offered. This is because I'm already occupied with my own projects, college, and interests outside of Brick Hill. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hit 10k total game visits on 2018-09-21
Was awarded "Young Bean" on 2018-10-09
Got 4th place in the 2018 Halloween Building contest
Got a set to 10k game visits on 2019-01-12
Was awarded "Saint Brick" on 2019-1-29
Helped with scripting in the Egg Hunt 2019 event
Hit 20k total game visits on 2019-05-15
Featured in the 2nd edition of User Spotlight
Won captainHat.js in the first node-hill event
Hit 30k total game visits on 2020-03-12
Hit 40k total game visits on 2020-11-26
Featured in the 6th edition of Brick Hill Spotlight
Survival hit 10k game visits on 2021-03-26
Hit 50k total game visits on 2021-06-14
Ultra Dash Racing was featured in the Set Scavenger event
Ultra Dash Racing hit 10k game visits on 2021-07-17
Hit 60k total game visits on 2021-11-05
Hit 70k total game visits on 2023-02-17

Previously known as: Tylorfoot, CyliCO., Tylorfoot, TyIor, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, TyIor, Tylorfoot, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, The Resurgence, Tylorfoot, TyIor
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