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It's going to be Monday
I use no other account other than IFartBigRainbows, so if anyone says they're me, they're not

16 years old, I’m currently a student enrolled in an institution where a student’s academic degree is considered your top priority;it’s what everyone works for. I won’t be completely oblivious to the ways of the world, and tell you guys that your studies don’t matter, because that’d be a lie. I'm studying O levels Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the moment, and living the hard first year of Cambridge internationals. My primary aim is to become a Doctor, (Seems pretty boring to me but both of my parents are Cardiologists). My hobbies are playing football, video games, and I guess that's it. Height is 5'11, Have a voice deeper than commoners (lol), and am shaving my face constantly so I can have a full grown beard soon.

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