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The issue I always have with pvp shooter games is that I feel like my brain cells are getting destroyed. Mainly because the game requires you to constantly spam shoot opponents and to move around in circles to get a good angle. That's it. That's all your gonna do for how many hours you intend to play. So whenever I return back to reality, I feel like I have forgotten the English language. Unfortunately, I have felt like this with TF2. This is why I am glad I haven't played pvp shooter games for a long time, otherwise my intelligence would be identical to a fish. I can back this theory up with the people I know. So many of my friends and cousins who play pvp shooter games on a daily basis have either failed their university degree or have not achieved anything above satisfactory in reality. IT ROTS YOUR BRAIN! The only positive I will give is that I did enjoy playing as the spy. It did provide a different way of playing with your opponents. When disappearing, it's nice to see that the enemy cannot see you. Other games would usually allow the enemy to see a fragment of you, allowing them to shoot you dead. But aside from that there was no other positives I could gather. It's a shame because I do like competition. I just wished that pvp shooter games would require us to actually use our brain to win the game. This is not an issue with non-shooter pvp games. Rocket League is the best example I can give. You always have to calculate whether you need to attack or defend. One wrong move always costs you. This isn't the case with shooter pvp games. It's just constant spamming.

I was in school right? Its 3rd period, english (or as i like to call it LAME period😂) and my teacher tries starting the lession. I shouted "SUS!" At the top of my lungs and looked around the classroom to see if anybody was laughing. My teacher looked at me and frowned like i was an idiot. I didnt let him mog me though. I saw my crush Bethany sitting on the complete opposite side of the room from me, i winked at her and did my best troll face impression. She looked at me for a second like she was confused and then looked down at her desk. I guess she's a normie lol. I knew that since she didnt get my first joke i'd do a fortnite reference instead, so i jumped out of my desk while the teacher was mid lesson and i started flossing infront of the whole class. I screamed "THE TEACHER IS THE IMPOSTER" and "I have african children locked in my basement" as a joke but nobody laughed and my teacher looked shocked. I got sent to the principals office and told the principal i wasnt racist and i dont have african children in my basement, it was just a meme. Of course the principal is too old to understand so i thought of a joke that he'd get.I ran out of the principals office and started screaming "BOMB! I PUT A BOMB IN THE CAFETERIA GUYS HAHA" Immediately 911 was called and bomb squad showed upto my school. I was put in handcuffs and escorted to a police car. I told the cops "don't worry guys its ok im white" (like the filthy frank reference) but they didn't the joke and now everyone thinks im racist and a threat to SUSciety

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The 1987 Maryland train collision occurred at 1:30 pm on January 4, 1987, on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor main line. The site of the crash was in the Chase community in eastern Baltimore County, Maryland, United States, at Gunpow Interlocking, about 18 miles (29 km) northeast of Baltimore.

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