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Brick hill hat owners[BHO]
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User with most hats: Lip

Newbie {0-4 Items}
Beginner {5-14 Items}
Amateur {15-29 Items}
Hustler {30-44 Items}
Hotshot {45-69 Items}
Expert {70-99 Items}
Elite {100-149 Items}
Legendary {150-249 Items}
Grandmaster {250-399 Items}
Untouchable {400-599 Items}
Mind Blowing {600-849 Items}
God {850-1149 Items}
G.O.A.T {1150+ Items}

Message phones for anything related to ranking!

You get ranked by how many non-clothing items you own!

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BHO Recruiter - Clan Recruiter
Rawrbuilder - 100th member
aches - 200th member
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