What's on my mind:
I got my account back thank god -v-
I like to make alot of builds and some of them got hosted, but i do showcase them on my yout too if they're not hosted
Currently a Developer for Paradox, Team Eclipse and a Brick Hill Client tester
I've helped out with making these games:
Incan Exploration
Cavite Town
Winter Wonderland
City Builder
Egg Hunt 2022: It's about time
Mirando Theater
Niick's Hide N' Seek
Halloween 2022
Potato President of Potato Gang
The muglord is cool
Sprout inc Leader is my friend
here's my yout: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqVJuqN7hIzzucAXyj5z6w?
I don't beg for subs or views tho cuz i don't care that much but if you like it do whatever u want
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