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[lol] Werwer
Fail to comply will result in a pissed werwer and extreme bitterness towards you if i dont like you or know you

Owner of , join if you want to .

Achiever of ok snipe on accident

On a serious note i live in england but i am american . I forum not alot but kinda often , my goal is to hit 10k posts , DO NOT send me trades about my wizard hat, i will not ever accept i would only accept it for another wizard hat but goodluck since this is the cheapest! I thank chunk for my wizard hat since he gave it to me then said i could keep it , he is crazy kind so please show him love ,I also believe in the butterfly effect ! I truly love this community and i am greatfull for a place where i can escape the problems roblox haves and other platforms!

i got some advice for trading (to good to be true is to good to be true)

(gunniorn is a roblox acc of mine)

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