YouTubers of Brick Hill[YT]
Owned by [Deleted24998]
680 Members
Welcome! We are the largest YouTube clan on BH with 670 members. Fans, non-BH YouTubers and content creators from other sites are welcomed too!

*MESSAGE CYCLE TO BE RANKED* If you're famous, you must include evidence such as temporarily updating your description or posting a comment that says "Cycle"

🤝 The Community rank is for fans of YouTubers who often comment and are well-known or who are recognized to work with YouTubers in their videos whether it be on camera or behind the scenes. meme accounts you may find fun to check out!
📷 If you're a beginner YouTuber, message Cycle to be ranked here.
✨ Ambitious YouTuber is for those who either have 100 subscribers, have made 20 videos, or have a clear passion for YouTube (there is leeway for this rank).

💎 Iconic YouTuber for those who either have 300 subscribers, have made 50 videos or are known within BH's community (there is leeway for this rank).
🏆 Triumphant YT requires a high BH status, 1000 subscribers or 100,000 total views.
⚔️ Warrior YouTuber requires you have 2500 subscribers or 250,000 total views.

🛡️ Knighted YouTuber requires you have 7500 subscribers or 500,000 total views.
👑 Royal is exclusive to famous BH users and YouTubers (10,000 subscribers or 1 Million views), the clan creator, 2016 Veterans, Brick Saints and official BH staff.
🏅 Honoured Retirees is exclusive to bygone YouTubers who quit but had an impact, reshaping BH YouTube during their run.

This clan was founded in 2017 by Landen:

- Member 100 is 'Gift Card' on 14/12/2019! - Member 200 is 'Winter' on 8/7/2020!
- YouTubers of BH is on Page 2 of the Clans Page as of 10/10/2020!
- Members 300 are 'sir_mrnoob' and later 'CoolPea' on 31/10/2020!
- 1st Royal Member (aside from the clan creator) is 'Rexy' on 4/11/2020!
- Member 400 on 18/5/2021! - Member 500 is 'duckman1808' on 23/11/2021!
- Member 600 is 'Beatrizyt1' on 23/3/2023!
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