to all players that dont know how to play games

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07:39 AM 12/04/2019
1. download the client
2. if you have any errors with ur user, log off and log in back
3. click play and stop spamming in comments of games "wtf how do i play this is broken you bitch fix it" etc.
02:14 PM 12/04/2019
good thread
too bad the kids spamming in the comments of games dont know any better

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02:50 AM 13/04/2019

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07:25 AM 13/04/2019
(you forgot this did you? i'm asking) Rainbow Games: If you get an Authentication Error, try logging out and back in. If it still doesn't work, check to see if your computer is 64 bit. If it is not 64 bit, you may not be able to play Brick Hill games.
10:28 AM 13/04/2019
thank it reall help