My music journey introduction

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09:51 AM 26/05/2023
What's up!
I'd like to introduce myself in the fields of music.

First and foremost, I love electronic (dance) music and anything that overlaps with such.
My taste of music can be described as groovy, funky, energetic, dreamlike, silly, schizophrenic, calm & adorable.

To be more specific, here are a few genres I'll list up that I love in particular:
Lolicore, Eccojams, Happy Hardcore, Mashcore, French House, Future Funk, IDM, J-core, Jungle, Breakcore, “Artcore“, “Future core“, Eurobeat, Breakbeat Hardcore, Shibuya-kei/Picopop, Bossa Nova, G-funk & Citypop

Music is a subjective journey, and my beliefs are that people are afraid or lazy to discover the vast amount of sounds that have developed throughout the decades.
I also believe that the time span of the average person is decreasing.

To have a decent overview and evaluation of my music resources, I use and haven't regretted that decision ever since.

If you're looking for recommendations or willing to exchange pleasantries, definitely hit me up - especially you weebs!

[東方] puffleball
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11:20 AM 26/05/2023
Lolicore?????? aw hell na u need to be locked up

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Quote from puffleball , 11:20 AM 26/05/2023
Lolicore?????? aw hell na u need to be locked up
kinda ironic with that koishi shirt, isn't that!