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I Hate Myself and I Want to Die
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16 years old, I’m currently a student enrolled in an institution where a student’s academic degree is considered your top priority;it’s what everyone works for. I won’t be completely oblivious to the ways of the world, and tell you guys that your studies don’t matter, because that’d be a lie. I'm studying O levels Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at the moment, and living the hard first year of Cambridge internationals. My primary aim is to become a Doctor, (Seems pretty boring to me but both of my parents are Cardiologists). My hobbies are playing football, video games, and I guess that's it. Height is 5'11, Have a voice deeper than commoners (lol), and am shaving my face constantly so I can have a full grown beard soon

❤️ Rules for discord Kitten: ❤️

1. Bedtime on school nights is 11:00 pm.

2. Bedtime on weekends is 2 am.

3. Eat at least TWO meals a day.

4. Eat one healthy snack each day.

5. No self-harm.

Come talk to Daddy if you need support!

6. No lying to Daddy.

7. Respect Daddy

8. ALWAYS ask for permission before taking pills.

9. You must compliment yourself at least once per day.

10. Do not let other boys (or girls) lust after you --- You BELONG to Daddy!!!

11. No drinking without permission.

12. No drugs.

13. No eating after 8 pm.

Daddy may make exceptions to the aforementioned rules, Kitten may not.

Disobeying Daddy's rules will result in punishment
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