FNM's Sister's Clohing Store![QUEEN]
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Welcome to the official clan of SvOsAdJoPeOlMi JoAnKaNi! Don't mind the name but sadly i can't change it (Man when tf BH going to make update to change clan names and tags?). Also ofc i didn't created this clan, i just took ownership of it since it hadn't owner and idk who we're original owner of this clan, so for now this is my clan since idk the real owner of it and decided to make this clan my own, so have fun here in this clan! For the old members of this clan: I'm not about to remove you from this clan, it's your choice to stay here or leave and all. Also new thumbnail is a drawing of me, and that drawing drew my friend Dummythingy (On BH), Dummythingy drew it in DeviantArt, if you want to see Dummythingy's other drawings there then their nickname is alezdrawsthings. And if you want to see old thumbnail then it here: https://postimg.cc/LndNgbZ6 Former Description: Yoo this is a clan join if u want u don't have to.

The name is cringe but I can't change it. I hate it.

Thanks tho if u joined. =)

I didnt mean to make namesnipe an enemy, I wanted the to be an allie. Oops..
Feature coming soon