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Welcome to Brick Hill Foruming! I am the owner Sprinkle.

How Does This Clan Work?
This Clan works by checking how many forum posts you have and ranking you in your category.

What Do I do If I am not 100+?
If you are not 100+ Forum posts you will be ranked to Keep Working which means Keep making more Forum posts to be ranked to 100+

What Do I do If I am waiting to be ranked...?
Well If you have not been ranked in 24 hours Message The owner, Rankers, Or Co-Owners!

Applying for Ranker
Message me your answers to these specific questions

I am having a pole do you guys like the new Icon? Tell me if I should change it and what to?

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1: No Spamming
2: No Raiding
3: No bullying
4. No explicit language

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Feature coming soon