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Words don’t hurt.
Unless you let them.

You see, if you want to be a really successful person, and be really happy your whole life, then don’t let other people hurt you with words.

But, if you want to be depressed, then let them hurt you.

Everyone has this option. You’ve just got to choose

You are awesome and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise

Depression is real, and I really hate it when people pretend to be depressed for just attention I have never suffered for it but I have friends who are really suffering and it just makes me mad when people do that

If you have depression or ever wanna talk about it add me I have friends who severe depression and if you wanna be friends. I support people with mental health that are lonely because I don't like when people surfer :)

[Needed] [🛠️]

Admins [👑]: message me on Brick-Hill [Hello_MaxBrother] and I will interview you for this rank

Designers [🌸]: you must know how to make clothes and message me on Brick-Hill [Hello_MaxBrother] and I will interview you for this rank [and you get 65% of the profit it makes]

[the application]


[or if you have discord message me]

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discord server: https://discord.gg/Q9DN7Pe5MG

[Thanks] [🙏]

thanks to -TiCH- for always helping me [Shout out to her]

Thank you for the member growth spike I never expected this.

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according to brick hill statistics, only a small percentage of people who see this message are actually in the clan, so if you end up liking this clan, consider joining. it's free, and you can always leave.

[Clothes] [🧺]

I make clothes for a living so plz check out my clothes on brick-hill and If you want me to make you your own special clothes hit me up

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You guys won't see me online for a long time because I will be going to highschool soon and will not have the time or the space to play brick hill

[all written by Hello_MaxBrother]

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