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[Lilah] Lilah

Now that gays have their rights, can we please shift focus on an even more oppressed and marginalized group? I am, of course, talking about street racers. We are banned from almost every street in the United States, and that's simply NOT ok. If you believe this poses a safety risk, you are just ignorant. If you believe this will cause noise problems, not only are you ignorant, but you are bigoted. What you are thinking of is street CRASHING, a lifestyle completely different and separate from innocent street racers. Stop the police brutality. Stop the societal shaming. Stop the stigma. Legalize street racing today!

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FUCK SCHOOL (this has nothing to do with my 1.4 GPA guys grades are not equal to intelligence come on you guys please stop making fun of me im intelligent school is just bullshit)

"I report to God. You report to me."
-Terry A. Davis
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