What's on my mind:
[MCN] ghhjsjgrhwe
what was this account again

i like art

im bob smith

send trades

"patrick" - heyitsmepatrick

"P-J is bae" - P-J

"I hope she made lotso spaghetti" - 1nator

"its been year daddy i really really miss you mommy says your in a place called heaven" - smq (plot twist: you're adopted)

"eer Hi Hello" - Saiosh

"i hate furries" - upgraders

"i am attracted to the same sex" - User

"i am idiot" - ashieboy522

"beat up the brown people" - idk if i can say the username (also dont)

"Mr. Favorite? more like... Mr Stupid Loser!!" - Mr. Favorite


im female guys trust me
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