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T̸̢̳̹̖͎͑̑e̴̥̠͕̬̠̾̒͑͊̈́a̷̺̰͗͊ ̷͍̂̽̚̚B̸͕̣̊́͒̋̑ä̴͉́͒g̴̛͇͛͗
Tea Bag
I'm a 2020 president candidate.

Married to Bottom Text

Objects that I have shoved up my arse

Adopted by Hello bob


Fortain is very cool

No fortnite beyond this point

Tophats I wish he never got banned on Whimsical

A true 10k club member in heart.

stream greedy by ariana grande

end me hahaha

friends are a luxury we cannot afford

Transmit has the wand I have, what a shame.


Civilian Chirpe VS Civil Bird Chirping


Tea Bag is epic

Keep an eye out.

I like Tea with milk

Certified Brick Hill Marriage Master

WWIII is poop


god just wanted to add random microscopic shit to his empty space of nothing and now he ended up creating this shitty world on accident

Sears Cool

im bored

i have a crush on beans

prestonwood cheese

Live, Laugh, Love

de pee
de poo

hello bob is epic

Follow Hitormiss1121 to get free avocados

follow tea bag to get free robux

Alt of Nintendo DS Light

Previously known as: Sheep From Minecraft, Floofster, Sheepie, xXWolfGamerUwU69Xx, big bulgey wulgey uwu owo, Sheepie, Talvekas Ex, Q T, Sheepie, sheepbuilder, vsco boy, Sheepie, Truthposts, Sheepie, Fursona, Sheepie, 69696969696969696969, rottrevore, Sheepie, let me marry 2d boys, Billie Jean, Wiggy, GAMER42069, Sheepie, ok dude im your enemy, Mukeism, Lip is epic, Gus Elijah Ahr, Sheep From Minecraft, Lil Pump Is God, Goth Boi Clique, 1ikFan2342, Muke Gangsta, Amazon Delivery Box, Davy Blockett, merk, Sheep From Minecraft, Brickers, Thickers
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