What's on my mind:
[im] Compass
Hello, my name is Compass and I am a forumer.

Send me good trades on my items.


discord is spyware -JoaquimMatador2

firedbloxy for brick saint -Jager

mom's spaghetti -20XX

cha cha real smooth -AstronautNoah

Ok............. -Diddleshock

Omg thank you! -Brickers

oooooooooook -Whippersnapper

hello compass stalker -staplers

no one touches the shaqtus -shaqtus

wait hawar -Senator Yoda

black people music -Amari

looaf music -Loaf

Hey, Compass! Come piss in the toilet!!

Don't get offended it was just a joke -Jakob111

I shot kids -Honey_ishotthekids

I torture kids -Cyclist

do you eat the deodorant with or without the foreskin? -Fresh Prince of Bel Air


7th to 10,000
6th to 20,000
4th to 30,000
6th to 40,000

1,000: 4/14/2019
2,000: 5/9/2019
3,000: 6/18/2019
4,000: 6/23/2019 or 6/22/2019
5,000: 7/1/2019
6,000: 7/6/2019
7,000: 7/9/2019
8,000: 7/14/2019
9,000: (UNKNOWN)
10,000: 7/19/2019
11,000: 7/22/2019
12,000: 7/24/2019
13,000: 7/29/2019
14,000: 8/3/2019
15,000: 8/5/2019 to 8/7/2019
16,000: 8/11/2019 TO 8/13/2019
17,000: 8/20/2019
18,000: 8/24/2019
19,000: 8/25/2019 or 8/26/2019
20,000: 8/27/2019
21,000: 9/3/2019
22,000: 9/9/2019
23,000: 9/16/2019
24,000: 9/23/2019
25,000: 10/2/2019
26,000: 10/10/2019
27,000: 10/20/2019
28,000: 10/28/2019
29,000: 11/2/2019 to 11/4/2019
30,000: 11/6/2019
31,000: 11/8/2019 to 11/10/2019
32,000: 11/12/2019
33,000: 12/31/2019 to 1/2/2020
34,000: 1/18/2020
35,000: 1/27/2020
36,000: 2/8/2020
37,000: 2/10/2020
38,000: 2/13/2020
39,000: 2/15/2020
40,000: 2/16/2020
41,000: 2/21/2020
42,000: 2/29/2020
43,000: 3/5/2020
44,000 3/11/2020
45,000 3/15/2020
46,000 3/17/2020
47,000 3/19/2020
48,000 3/22/2020
49,000 3/24/2020
50,000 3/26/2020


I am a really active forumer here. If you ever meet me on Brick Hill you will most likely meet me through the forums.

My hobbies are foruming, listening to music, playing roblox, watching youtube, and doing something fun physically.

My favorite colors are purple, black, green, and blue.

My favorite singer is Eminem.

My dream items are the Black Basil, Radioactive Basic, Failed Target Practice, and Emo Bok.

Favorite music genres are punk rock, pop, rap, and hip hop.

My favorite websites are prnt.sc, Youtube, Brick-Hill, Google, Pro Football Reference, Social Blade, Roblox, and some typing test website.


Fill 'em with the venom and el-lemonade 'em
Other words, I minute made 'em
I don't wanna hurt 'em, but I did 'em in a fit of rage
I'm murderin' again, nobody will evade him
Finna kill 'em and dump all the fuckin' bodies in the lake
Obliterating everything, incinerate and renegade 'em
And I make anybody who want it with the pen afraid
But don't nobody want it, but they're gonna get it anyway
'Cause I'm beginnin' to feel like I'm mentally ill
I'm Atilla, kill or be killed, I'm a killer, be the vanilla gorilla
You're bringin' the killer within me out of me
You don't want to be the enemy of the demon who went in me
Or being the recievin' enemy, what stupidity it'd be
Every bit of me is the epitome of a spitter
When I'm in the vicinity, motherfucker, you better duck
Or you finna be dead the minute you run into me
A hunnid percent of you is a fifth of a percent of me
I'm 'bout to fuckin' finish you bitch, I'm unfadable
You wanna battle, I'm available, I'm blowin' up like an inflatable
I'm undebatable, I'm unavoidable, I'm unevadable
I'm on the toilet bowl, I got a trailer full of money and I'm paid in full
I'm not afraid to pull the
Man, stop
Look what I'm plannin', haha

Hey girl, are you a lollipop, because you're tasting good tonight.

Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

Hey girl are you a magnet?

Because you're always touching me.

-Blurb Lasted Updated March 30th, 2020-

Previously known as: taketheL, Scale, Backround
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