What's on my mind:
"I am think i'm not will die until i back on my Roblox account. " My status was a lie + didn't aged well...
[TKoS] SwedishUsr1233
Hey uhh yes i'm SwedishUsr1233 and i used to be an active user on BH here. I used to spread the Sweden propaganda by the reason of Sweden-Denmark war since they have a conflict since 1781. But i got banned by 1 stupid reason and this relates to this guy: https://www.brick-hill.com/user/647428/. I also relived other events happened during my termination but somehow got unbanned but i am very thankful to the person who did that. Also, here my old blurb, good luck :)

Old blurb:
Chillin' here before i back on my Roblox account somehow... But also, i known as the Sweden king that came from Roblox and the dude who is fighting with Denmark, so i can say that all this is might be just a simulation and childish game, but it's not. So i am a swedish person here we also friends with norwegian, icelandic and finnish players but not with dannish and you might already know the reason why. But also, stand with Sweden and don't be like dannish people so have a nice day :)
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