What's on my mind:
My dad is being a biotch
[GRU] xCat
I accept all friend requests and read messages.
Message me if u wanna be in my blurb.
Wish I could change my username.
I manually friend ppl. I don't forum. I also trade.
Don't ask why I friend you. Not trading Sheep Doctrine. I don't let ppl borrow my specials.
Alt Account : DerpyChicken (don't mind the stupid username)
🌟 Pls buy my shirts :) [u can search up ‘xCat’ in shop] ik they suck.
🌟 Check out my friend TackyBunnyQueen's shirts as well :)
Please join my friend's clan:
🌟 https://www.brick-hill.com/clan/7420/
My name: Kesia (Kay-sha)
Pronouns: she/her
"pillboy AKA Lill Pill was here" - pillboy

"xCat is so cool :D" - winona

"bananas grow on carrot trees" - TackyBunnyQueen

''I've never been to Jollibee's cause I'm Romanian.'' - xAndrwx

"xCat is soo awesome and hot shes so mommy!" - wickypid

"So milf" - app

"hi i like cats" - WillBuilder

"Cats are the best just like u" - Ren0_0

"wassup" - SubToKiero

"Imagine murdering someone and then called yourself "The Boys"
Totally to not get in ur bio" - Kozm0

“I am the better tommy” - tommythestone/[Deleted1120036]

"friend me" - physix
13/1/23 - Milf of the day
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