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What's on my mind:
sorry, i won't be accepting friend requests from 2020ers, i just don't like the amount of spammers.
craft it all
hi im crafty....
nothing much here.
former administrator/owner on block-flock.

-i am also the founder of oof-land.
-i accept every incoming friend request!!
-i am decently rich here.
-also, i watch habits of spending bits on trash.

ya know, i am pretty cool.
i also do not accept bad trades.
not much active here.
not thinking about leaving BH any time soon!

value: 367
serials: 95, 359, 308, 46, 3290, 3108, 374.
richest rank: #2,003
i had been online for more than 5 months in total. 1 year on BH!
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Join Date: 10/02/2019
Last Online: 4 months ago
Game Visits: 0
Forum Posts: 2,581
Friends: 312