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[Pewds] 6bit
Hello person in my profile, I’m a roblox reject and so are you.

I’m a Forumer, but I create

Join my group called Pewdiepie's Army!

Name snipes: manchild, pretzel, krill, golfer, neglect, finder, oshawatt, and explicit.

Dream hats: Any cape, also the sky blue top hat. I also want the Bloody Baron

Official people for cinemark the movie:

Actors: 5 bucks each
-cinemark: cinemark
-David Bowie: regal cinemas, bg
-trxsh: brick hillian 2, bg
-historical: bok 1, bg
-Michael: bok 2, bg
-Peter porker: brick hillian 1, bg
-fuse: bok 3, bg
-fsfk: Hulu, bg
-realrainbowfoxes: movie theatre worker, bg
-unwantedwarrior: myth, AMC, bg
-craft it all: brick hill general, bg
-itsneonlazy: block buster
-wreck: Netflix, bg

Editer: 15 bucks
-jeff bezos

Writers: 20 bucks each

Builders: 20 bucks each

Characters in the movie:
-Cinemarks mom
-movie theatre worker
-brick hill general
-brick hillian 1
-brick hillian 2
-bok 1
-bok 2
-bok 3
-regal cinemas
-block buster
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