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Hi I am Phantasma

I accept all friend requests

Recycled bat helms are not for trade

I donโ€™t let anyone borrow my specials

Post milestones

4K posts March 1st 2021
5k posts March 22 2021
6k April 1st 2021
7k posts April 13th 2021
8k posts April 21st 2021 also 10k value
9k posts May 11th 2021
10k posts June 5th 2021
11k June 22nd 2021
12k July 11th 2021
13k July 25th 2021
14k august 6th 2021
15k September 1st 2021
16k October 13th 2021
17k November 24th 2021
18k February 13th 2022
1k-3k are lost to history lol

Specials I originally bough

2021 Fireworks

Pie Splat

Serpentine Hat of Solitude

Star Spangled Top Hat

All Seeing Eye of the Second Dimension

Mushroom Witch Hat

Nightshade Witch Hat

Spirited Gourd Antlers

Pumpkin Pie Splat

Purple Dice of Polyhedra

Christmas Tree Witch Hat

Scorched Helm of the Virtuous

Classic Candy Cane Shades

Glossy Pink XO Shades

Suspicious Grape Soda


The Sheep Doctrine

Spacebeats Headphones

Alts I use

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