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”A cobra Can strike faster then a man Can blink But Can a man move faster then a snake Can think”
[BH] Real Plotagon
Hi you might know me from brickplanet and cubash
Brickplanet usernames: yassin164 and plotagon
Cubash username: plotagonV2
I made 3 accounts on this site that was 1 year ago I forgot the usernames
I got 100 posts in 3 days
Used to be a Writer in brick news
A mod in the brick hill fan club
I read all messeges
I had 2k + forum posts on brickplanet and had 4K + profile views on brickplanet
Got 1k forum posts under a month

`BHV502160169355182080` brick-hill+282118b3 VERIFY BHT8187098

Sniped This thread https://www.brick-hill.com/forum/thread?id=44600

all my lost accounts
any mods that is reading this please help me get these back
"hello itsa me Mario"
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