What's on my mind:
I'm not amari plz shut up last time mods can check ips and they will know i am not shut please thx
[SA] Stunna 4 Vegas
Heyo, I'm Stunna but you can call me poot👋
- I like white milk 😋
- Straight 😍
- Single 🥰
- [June 18th] 🎂
- Poor 🎈
- Friendly 😃
- Funny 🤡
- Shoutout to my grandma ❤

I joined in 2018. I use this account a lot but not as much as others. I like music.

confirmed im not amari

Face Reveal:

search up juice wrld on google and i look like that just without hair dye but with dreads.

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r34 t shirt

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