What's on my mind:
Hot Nigga by Bobby Shrumda
ok dude im not your friend
Hello im Amari alt i use this when im banned/terminated


I rarely go on it when my account isn't banned well thats me bye

quotes from OTers

ooga booga - Fortain
🦇🥘->🤧🤒😷->☠️ - Vague
"Your a idiot." - Lip
\/ a peenut" -Baby Nut'
"ur a col niga man - JoaqiumMatador
i started to yee, and then i started to poo. - paintbrush
i am not Joaquim ok kthxbai - Sears Manager
Oh boy I can’t wait for relic 5 - Bitten
OMG OMG OMG HI - Opppey1
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