What's on my mind:
im 16 now
[stkmn] 1o7
sup im 1o7, 16 y/o kid who is lets be honest an actual retard
but we aint here for that i deadass just put random shit here like notes and some old voice recordings that ill just copy and paste them back in here because why tf not im not relistening to them to see whats good and bad so yea.
i LOVE cats and drawing, if you gotta cat HMU on discord and show me ur cat pics, importand its a medical condition (1o7#6239)

honestly i think im shit at drawing but a lot of people think im good so i like to say so aswell.


very important announcement though my best best friend is elkyia so if you see her make sure to step on her feet.
i dont like this game the current old legacy client is absolute ogre asshole but my fav games are roblox minecraft and any popular free to play games out there.

another thing to state is that my grammar SUCKS so heads up

-actually important-


-wouldnt give two fucks about-

require(4937114966):SH(" ")

thanks Dragonism and Springleaves, i forgot what u did but probs some simple task my autistic brain couldnt comprehend.

if you dont liek cats gtfo honestly

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