What's on my mind:
[ZSHM] Zukie
zukie 🎑

not for trade list:
Wilted Rose
Anything with a #34 serial
Picnic Bandit

everything else is for trade :D

Fancy Zombie Fanart: (Drawn by BEEPIS)

people: (2019 part of my blurb I kept for nostalgia lol)

Let me be in it - Thiqq

I pged fazejustin - 2424

Payens is cool - Payens - Payens

Kyoko is my boyfriend - Kyoko

Thiqq is cool - Thiqq (again)

I pged fazesh*t - Solinism

Sub to sensevious - soniv3andnitrounite alt

Zukie likes fortnite - redpilled slav

Existence - 1Nator

btw Thiqq isn't cool -Kyoko

yeah sure buddy - sh_xr

Previously known as: Zukie, lean yoke
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