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Brickbreak Co.[BrkBK]
Owned by Tylorfoot
55 Members
Brickbreak Co is the one stop shop for everything related to Tylorfoot! If you join the discord server, you will be able to receive information about Tylorfoot's games, chat with other users about Tylorfoot's games, discuss the Tylorfoot Lore, and so much more!

-UPCOMING PROJECTS- [Last updated 2/2/2021]
• Cylinder Search: The Slindr Desert - A new game in the Cylinder Search series. Apart of a group of CyliCO researchers, you and your group will journey to a desert-like floating island, due to rumors of there being undiscovered cylinders.
• Fortrush Royale - A medieval-themed PvP game where you use swords and shields to combat other players.
• Vastum Valiants - Vastum Entertainment's first self produced gameshow. Compete in various gameshow-esque challenges and triumph over your opponents!
• Survival v3.0 - The biggest, baddest, and bestest update to Survival! And probably the final one, too...
• Brickbreak Minery Co. v2.0 - The second major update to the corporate workplace that is the Brickbreak Minery!

Join this server to recieve updates about Tylorfoot's Brick Hill games, and so much more!

[No relation to the actual Brickbreak Co, the construction and mining company.]
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