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read bio ig, idfk man.
[BHNB] LG125
gone forever most likely (might wanna click on that "read more" button)

this site is shit, this community is shit, do not expect to find me online at all. contact me by discord, youtube, email, and maybe some other random thing i might have. Im inactive on most sandbox sites. my group has been botted it seems, (most likely by speakerpro2) and i most likely wont be doing anything about any trades or friend requests i recieve.

bh is allowing scams to be on the site. while using the site, i ranodmly got redirected to this sketchy af website claiming to give me free iphones as part of a special event for selected users they have. the links were sketchy af and i definitely did not trust them, they wanted my credit card and phone number. this happened 2 times within 30 minutes and im kinda annoyed at this. this is NOT a problem on my device, this has happened to other people before. just beware of https://axufcs.space/ and https://bestofferz.online/ (and its subdomains)

discord: @lg125
youtube: @lg125yt
email: lg125yt@gmail.com

kill yourself if you spam any of these.

old bio or something:

I’m a noob.

I’m also on mobile (not anymore) O.O

I have a YT channel, so pls sub to me (LG125)

Join my discord!
Link: https://discord.gg/WvhZMz

Alt accounts: not telling you

Got 121.7 bucks on this account.

Specials: Skull Mask, Flamingo Hat, 2021 Fireworks

See how small my bio was?
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