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What's on my mind:
african american friday is the appropriate term.
Hi im yasin, a mod here at the headland characterized by slabs
Message me if you have any questions.
Please direct ban appeals to help@brick-hill.com

I read One Piece and Hunter x Hunter if you want to talk to me about either of those

100k Value achieved in August of 2021
Moderator since May 14th of 2020
Member of the first arg group to solve the 2020 Christmas arg
One of 16 winners of the 2021 Pumpkin Carving building competition
One of 10 users to buy noodle head
#1 Specials I have bought originally:
Midnight Crow Tophat
Cool Brick Buddy
All Seeing Eye
Hallowed Antlers
Ignore the name changes and just call me yasin.

Previously known as: yasin, xxyasinpoopmasterxx, yasin, chunk hater, yasin, rasin, yasin, zazin, yasin, YASINWONTKEEPHISITEMS, yasin, bangIa, yasin, spookyasin, yasin, akamaru, dvrkie, yasin, spider gang, yasin, airpod shotty, yasin, dvrk, yasin, Xx_yasin_xX, tl-_-tl, yasin, edgebug, yasin, cubensis, brahman, yasin, ego death, knup, gerk, gunday, DILLINGER, yasin, pged by yasin, beamed by yasin, La Taupe, yasin, dogwater, yasin, beamy, baryon, r slur, yasin, yasinpoop69, salam alaikum, yasin, eefalopadoopagin, bawl, kinoko komori, slim shady69, eefalopadoopagin, mugiwara, yasin, yeller, crmsyn, paramecia, logia, zoan, yasin, brahman, ya sheen face -_-, yasin, dropemoff, yasin, yasopp, yasin, wormax, yasin, yasinister, fabio sparklemane, yasin, boundman, snakeman, yasin, kozuki
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